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Photospies have declassified sedan VW Polo

Volkswagen Polo

The first pictures of a new compact Volkswagen with a body the automobile paparazzi managed to be made a sedan during road tests of model for snow-covered streamers of mountain Grosglokner in the Austrian Alpes.

New generation Volkswagen Polo

Because of that that the car most part is hidden from extraneous eyes under a camouflage, it is possible to make out only the sizes of the car, the form of a luggage carrier and the general proportions. The sedan will presumably borrow engines from a ruler of motors of three - and five-door hatchbacks but which — while it is not known.

The official premiere of a sedan on the basis of new generation Polo is planned for the beginning of next year and will take place on Indian motor show Auto Expo in New Delhi then, in second half 2010, sedan sales start in India and Brazil.

Cool Commercial Volkswagen Polo

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Photospies have declassified sedan VW Polo {Volkswagen}