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Golf VI GTI [tuning version]


Golf VI GTI by MR Car Design

German studio MR Car Design specialises on exhaust systems, however tuning of cars so is their credo. This time attention of masters of studio has involved new Golf VI GTI. MR Car Design has equipped the car with a sports suspension bracket in cost 1,529 euros which has made the car on 50mm more low.

Golf VI GTI also has got 19-inch wheel disks. For 2,999 euros MR Car Design suggests to complete the car with brake system Stoptech with four-piston supports. It is clear, that all cars which have got to studio, are equipped with a firm exhaust system with the firm converter.

Supercar Golf VI GTI

Car wheel
Golf GTI

The car engine has received an upgrade in cost 949 euros. For this money the standard motor power in 211HP becomes capable to "give out" 260HP, and the maximum twisting moment of the unit about 280Nm grows to 380Nm. Dispersal to 100 km/h for 5,8 sec, and the maximum speed — 263 km/h.

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Golf VI GTI [tuning version] {Volkswagen}