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Renault has presented the 2nd model from tuning series Gordini

Renault Sport Gordini

On a motor show in Geneva the French company Renault has presented the second model from a new ruler of the "charged" cars Gordini, received name Clio Renault Sport Gordini 200. Also two sport packages for family Megane have been shown.

Renault Clio Sport Gordini 200

The basic difference of cars Gordini from standard is a dark blue colour of colouring of a body, white "racing" strips, and also cases of rear-view mirrors with the inserts painted in white colour. The technical stuffing "charged" Clio has not undergone to any changes. The car is still equipped with the 2-l atmospheric petrol engine power of 200HP and a 6-step mechanical transmission.

Sales Renault Clio Renault Sport Gordini 200 will begin summer of current year in the European car market.

New Renault Clio 200

In sport packages GT and GT Line, prepared for family of cars Renault Megane, the new forward and back bumper, the modernised suspension bracket, 17-inch wheel disks (for version GT — 18-inch), the sports seats borrowed at Megane 250 RS, aluminium overlays on pedals and carbon inserts in salon enters.

Such packages are accessible only to the cars equipped with the 180-strong petrol or 160-strong diesel engine. To order these completions in Europe it will be possible in the summer.

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Renault has presented the 2nd model from tuning series Gordini {tuning}