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Volkswagen Golf GTD from ABT

Volkswagen Golf

Studio ABT has presented the program on operational development of sports version Volkswagen Golf GTD.

Volkswagen Golf GTD by ABT

Volkswagen Golf GTD has received new details which have added to the car more an aggressive look. The Body-kit created in studio, has included a sports lattice of the radiator, new a forward spoiler, an aerodynamic back spoiler. Also experts of studio have put Golf GTD on 19-inch disks.

After works on the engine the car began to give out on 20HP more, and the maximum power of the engine has made 190HP, now Volkswagen Golf GTD 100 km/h for 7,1 second are dispersed, and the maximum speed makes 230 km/h.

ABT Volkswagen Golf VI GTD

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Volkswagen Golf GTD from ABT {Volkswagen}