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Volkswagen Beetle (cabriolet)

Cabriolet VW Beetle

New Beetle — Final Edition

At the exhibition which has opened in Los Angeles German concern Volkswagen has shown the special version of model New Beetle — Final Edition which name speaks for itself.

In Los Angeles official representatives Volkswagen have informed, that manufacture of present generation New Beetle will shortly come to the end, on change to which the new model will come. On the international motor show the concern has shown "final" version Volkswagen New Beetle which will make in circulation in 3,000 copies then manufacture of following generation New Beetle will begin.

New VW Beetle

New VW Beetle
New Beetle - Final Edition

In the market there will be 1,500 cabriolets and 1,500 compartment Volkswagen New Beetle Final Edition. A compartment body will paint in blue color Aquarius Blue, and a roof — in black, the cabriolet "will put on" in white-blue color scale. Each copy of "special clothes" will supply with tablets in which the name of the limited series will be specified.

Besides, it is possible to note presence of a sports suspension bracket, 17-inch carbon disks. Volkswagen New Beetle Final Edition it begins to be completed with the 2,5-l petrol motor with 6-step transmission Tiptronic.

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