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Volvo C30 Hybrid

Volvo C30

Company Volvo plans to begin testing of 50 copies of the electric version of hatchback C30 in two years, informs magazine Autocar.

Electrocar Volvo

Tests of these cars partially (at a rate of 150 million Swedish crones) are sponsored by a Department of Energy of Sweden and will proceed throughout two years. Cars will give to specially selected group of persons on the basis of which responses it is planned to make operational development of electromobiles and to create a corresponding infrastructure.

Earlier Swedish motor-car manufacturer already represented the concept car on the basis of this model, however to coming a motor show in Detroit, opening in the beginning of January, the prototype has been a little modernised.

Electrocar by Volvo C30

First of all, electrocar now it is constructed on the basis of updated Volvo C30, and also has received completely updated interior.

The electromobile is equipped by the 111-strong electromotor which eats from lithium-ionic of the accumulators, capable to provide to the car movement throughout 150 kilometres. The maximum speed of a novelty, according to representatives Volvo, makes 130 km/h, dispersal with 0 to 96 km/h for 10,5 seconds, and on full gymnastics of batteries from the usual house socket it is required about eight hours.

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