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Rolls-Royce will equip with an "intellectual" pneumatic suspension bracket

The new model of company Rolls-Royce — sedan Ghost — begins to be equipped with an "intellectual" pneumatic suspension bracket which will work together with adaptive shock-absorbers with electronic control.

Suspension bracket work will be supervised by the computer which can read out each 2,5 milliseconds the information from special gauges on each shock-absorber, arranging their work under concrete road conditions. Thus in Rolls-Royce have noticed, that sensor controls of a pneumatic suspension bracket are so sensitive, that are capable to define moving of the person on the one hand a back row of armchairs on another. Besides, for simplification of planting in the car or journey, for example, "lying policemen" the road gleam of a sedan can decrease or increase by 25 millimetres.

As it was informed earlier, appearance of a novelty will be created in style of the conceptual car 200EX, for the first time presented in March on automobile show in Geneva, and sedan Ghost will borrow a platform at BMW 7-Series Long. Under a cowl of the most tiny model Rolls-Royce (Ghost almost on 44 centimetres is shorter Phantom) there will be a 6,6-litre 12-cylinder turbo-engine power of 544 horsepowers. To be aggregated the motor begins with an eight-step automatic transmission of company ZF. It's expected, that the world premiere of serial sedan Rolls-Royce Ghost will take place in September of current year on automobile show in Frankfurt.

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Rolls-Royce will equip with an "intellectual" pneumatic suspension bracket + turbo