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Smart ForTwo have added playfulness

Smart Fortwo

Smart Fortwo, considered as the best compact car intended for driving in city conditions, henceforth will faster overcome stoppers of megacities thanks to the increased power of the diesel motor.

The German motor-car manufacturer has declared, that power of diesel version Smart Fortwo is increased 2010 modelling years by 21%. Now the 3-cylinder 44-strong motor develops 54 h.p. and 130 Nm. The modernised engine accelerates the car to first "hundred" for 17 seconds

Despite an increase in hallows, the average expense of fuel will please still the owner. In the mixed cycle on 100 km of a way of minipenalties consumes 3.4 l, and the indicator of emission СО2 does not exceed 88 g/km, is spoken in the press release. Smart Fortwo 2010 modelling years the colour display has received system hands-free, and also.

In Germany the novelty is on sale all on €200 more expensively, than the car 2009 modelling years.

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Smart ForTwo have added playfulness + Smart