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BMW Vision EfficientDynamics

New Concept BWW

Company BMW has published the first video-teaser devoted to the new conceptual car which in the middle of September will be presented on the international automobile show in Frankfurt.

The prototype has received name Vision EfficientDynamics and, predictably, begins to be equipped with the systems, allowing to lower emissions of carbonic gas and to improve fuel profitability.

As it was informed earlier, the new concept car will represent double sportcar with a carbon body and the aluminum chassis. It is expected, that the car will receive the powerful petrol engine with direct injection of fuel, system of an automatic stop and motor start, and also system of regeneration of energy at braking.

Vision EfficientDynamics by BMW

Earlier in some western mass-media there were espionage photos of a certain car which presumably and was new concept car BMW. However a little bit later representatives of the German company have declared, that the car is only the breadboard model of five years' prescription intended for testing of new aerodynamic elements.

Under the preliminary information, the serial version of prototype Vision EfficientDynamics will appear in the end of 2012 and the car circulation will be limited.

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BMW Vision EfficientDynamics + teaser