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BMW Concept ActiveE

BMW Concept

This year organizers of the international motor show in Detroit had to allocate the whole pavilion with the area in 3,500 sq. m. for electric models, their blessing at an exhibition has gathered much. The greatest attention among the Detroit exhibits deserves coupe BMW 1-Series.

Concept car BMW ActiveE

The conceptual car under name BMW Concept ActiveE became first electric model BMW if not to take in calculation MINI E on which creation the Bavarian engineers also worked.

The Detroit concept car have equipped with the electric 170-strong motor, whose twisting moment reaches 248Nm. The charge li-ionic of batteries which have been developed together with firm SB LiMotive, suffices the car on 160 km of movement.

Hybrid car BMW Concept ActiveE

The maximum speed BMW Concept ActiveE reaches 145 km/h that is quite enough that the driver could feel confidently in a city and on highway. The next months the concern plans to begin test tests of an electric compartment then the decision on a car batch production will make.

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BMW Concept ActiveE {test drive}