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Logo Canon

In 1930 in Japan Goro Yoshida and stepbrother Saburo Uchida have created the company from nothing name Precision Optical Instruments Laboratory speaking to us in Japan. Four years after workings out have led to creation of their first camera which they named Kwanon, in honour of a Buddhist deity of mercy. All one thousand hands was not located on a logo, but how many could — so much and have found room. Have added tongues of flame and have received more soon a picture from ancient books, rather than a logo.

The company has registered weight of words which were similar on sounding with –öwanon for protection of the trade mark. One of them — already known to us Canon — as a result has replaced the original name. To an existing logo of technics Canon already more than 50 years, and the logo looks to this day is modern.

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Canon + redesign