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Audi Sportback

Audi Sportback

Road tests of test prototype Audi A7 carry out in Norway, far away from curious eyes, however and in vicinities of Oslo of the paparazzi do not give rest to testers of the new car which as it was found out, run in not only the model.

Audi Sportback Concept

Cars BMW of 7-Series participated in winter test drive along with two copies Audi A7 and Mercedes E-class. Probably, thus engineers Audi try to compare the technological advantages to innovations of competitors.

Four-seater sedan Audi A7, according to all available information, will receive wide scale of engines, including the petrol 3-l motor power of 225HP and diesel engine V8 with the twisting moment of an order of 800Nm. It is supposed to equip the car with several kinds of transmissions — a six-step mechanical transmission, an eight-high-speed automatic transmission and a seven-step transmission with two couplings.

Sedan Audi A7 will present in Geneva

Audi A7, whose design will be as much as possible approached to concept car Sportback Concept which has been shown for the first time in January of last year in Detroit, model Debut, possibly will go on sale in the summer under the price about $80,000, will take place on a forthcoming motor show in Geneva which will begin the work in the beginning of next month.

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Audi Sportback + test drive