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Mercedes-Benz will borrow a platform for new "Smart" at Renault
Smart ForFour

Company Mercedes-Benz plans to enter into the partner agreement in which frameworks Germans will receive a platform for working out of car Smart ForFour of following generation with firm Renault.

It is expected, that this model will receive the front-wheel chassis of compact hatchback Twingo and will rise on the conveyor in 2013. On it informs magazine Autocar referring to not named high-ranking sources in Mercedes-Benz.

The novelty will receive the steel body which length will make no more than 3600 mm, width — 1700mm, and height — 1500mm. At present the detailed information on forthcoming cooperation, including given about, whether will be Mercedes-Benz and Renault to exchange engines and transmissions, yet it is not informed. However it is expected, that within the limits of partnership in a ruler and that and other mark there will be new petrol and diesel motors of small volume, in particular three-cylinder units which are already developed by "Mercedes". Creation of electric version Smart ForFour in which technologies of company Renault will be applied is besides, planned.

Officially about the partnership conclusion between Mercedes-Benz and Renault, and also about details of this cooperation and preparing projects, the head of concern Daimler will inform in September on autoshow in Frankfurt. In the same place will inform on strategy of development of "Smarts" in the future. According to some information, in the nearest some years for brand Smart will be created at least three new models.

The first Smart ForFour has appeared in 2004 and has been developed in cooperation with Japanese company Mitsubishi — the car has been constructed on the basis of hatchback Colt. Car manufacture has stopped all in two years because of low demand.

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Mercedes-Benz will borrow a platform for new "Smart" at Renault + tuning