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Peugeot has officially presented sportcoupe RCZ
Peugeot RCZ

On Monday company Peugeot has officially presented new model — sportcoupe RCZ with the landing formula 2+2. The car to general public it will be shown on September automobile show in Frankfurt.

The novelty is constructed on the basis of model 308, however differs the expanded forward and back track underestimated on 20mm by a suspension bracket and the centre of gravity reduced on 40mm. Appearance Peugeot RCZ practically completely repeats design of the concept car with the same name presented in Frankfurt in 2007.

Thus from a prototype the serial coupe managed even original panoramic back glass, wide wings and cabin strongly displaced forward with a long luggage coupe. Also RCZ has received a back spoiler which is put forward at achievement of certain speed.

Salon Peugeot RCZ

The 200-strong 1,6-litre turbo-motor working together with a six-step mechanical transmission becomes the engine for a coupe. It is expected, that with 0 to 100 km/h the car can be dispersed for 7,6 seconds, and the maximum speed will make 225 km/h.

Also in scale of engines of 1,6 litres (it can be aggregated with "mechanics" or six-high-speed "automatic machine") and a 2,0-litre diesel engine will be presented by power of 163 h.p. the 156-strong petrol motor in volume.

Sport coupe Peugeot

Besides it, for a coupe buyers can order 18 or 19-inch wheel disks, carbon furnish of a roof and some elements of an ex-terrier, and also one of three variants of furnish of racks of a roof: black, chromeplated or "glossy".

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Peugeot has officially presented sportcoupe RCZ + turbo