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Company Peugeot has presented sports coupe RCZ

Sport coupe RCZ

On the Frankfurt motor show company Peugeot has presented special updating of sports coupe RCZ which will be received by the first 200 buyers who have ordered the car.

Technical characteristics sports coupe RCZ

The novelty will be painted exclusively in white colour, will receive carbon furnish of a roof, 19-inch wheel disks executed in black colour, and leather furnish of an interior.

For usual versions of coupe Peugeot RCZ which also debuted on the Frankfurt motor show, besides the 156-strong motor of 163HP and the 1,6-litre petrol unit developing 200HP will be offered a two-litre diesel engine by power. In a ruler of transmissions of the car — six-step mechanical and automatic transmissions. As it was informed earlier, the most powerful RCZ can be dispersed to 100 km/h for 7,6 seconds and reach the maximum speed of 225 km/h.

Release Peugeot RCZ in Frankfurt

Novelty sales in the European market will begin next year. The prices for such car will begin from 35,500 euros. For the first year of sales in company Peugeot plan to sell worldwide approximately 20,000 copies RCZ.

Coupe Peugeot RCZ

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Company Peugeot has presented sports coupe RCZ {updated}