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Opel Meriva (minivan)

Opel Meriva

Company Opel has shown the first official photos of completely updated minivan Meriva 2011 modelling years. Appearance of the car uses the same design receptions, as Opel Insignia, obtained an unanimous recognition of critics, and the new generation of the popular family car looks incomparably more gracefully previous.

Minivan Opel Meriva 2011

From the concept car of 2008 serial Meriva has inherited the unique back doors FlexDoors which is swinging open against a course of movement almost on 90 degrees. In a combination to a high line of a roof it is an innovation gives planting and an exit from the car very convenient.

New minivan Opel Meriva
minivan Meriva 2011

Opel Meriva EcoFlex

Opel Meriva 2011 the smaller expense of fuel, than at the previous generation will be equipped with a wide ruler of turbo-motors power from 75 to 140HP, having on the average on 15%. On a spring motor show in Geneva where the world premiere of a minivan will take place, will show ecologically pure version EcoFlex.

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Opel Meriva (minivan) + updated