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The complete set of stylish accessories for Fortwo

Smart Fortwo

Firm Smart which is affiliated company Mercedes-Benz, has expanded a ruler of accessories for tiny model Fortwo. This time to potential clients have presented a series of the stickers, new light-emitting diode lanterns and accessories BRABUS for an interior.

Stickers by Timo Wuerz for Smart

Variants of stickers — six, all of them are thought up by artist Timo Wuerz who worked together with Mercedes-Benz Accessories GmbH. The company asserts, that stickers are capable to hold on on the car a minimum five years. Besides, they at any moment can be unstuck, not having left thus any traces on a body. Cost of stickers: 250 euros.

Compact car Fortwo


Compact car Smart

Interior Fortwo

Interior of Fortwo

Demountable light-emitting diode dimensional fires BRABUS will manage in 549 euros, thus they are well combined with standard optics. Light-emitting diode stoplight BRABUS which fastens in a back part of the car (129 euros) besides, is offered.

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The complete set of stylish accessories for Fortwo + style