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On a motor show in Geneva debuted concept car Hyundai

Concept car Hyundai

On a motor show in Geneva the debut of concept car Hyundai has taken place, promising to give representation how the new generation European Sonata will look. And though in the company do not specify in this model directly, there notice, that i-Flow — competitor Ford Mondeo, Citroen C5 and Volkswagen Passat.

Hyundai i-Flow <-> Hyundai Sonata

It is necessary to notice also, that at length of 4780 mm, to width of 1850 mm, to height of 1420 mm and wheel base of 2800 mm i-Flow it is practically identical on dimensions of last Sonata so, to sell both cars simultaneously to Koreans it is not meaningful.

So smooth, flowing lines can be found out and in interior registration. Short strokes are not present — long wavy bends last through all salon, from a control panel to doors and further to a luggage compartment. Furnish materials — the most hi-tech, allowing essentially to lower weight.

Concept car Hyundai i-Flow

Under a cowl the first is concealed hybrid a diesel engine-electric installation Hyundai consisting of the new 1,7-litre motor and system of a two-phasic turbo-supercharging, receiving a food from lithium-polymeric of storage batteries.
Occurrence of serial model is expected in 2011.

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On a motor show in Geneva debuted concept car Hyundai + turbo