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The American Chopper

Chopper Helicopter

Unique design, high power, freedom of movement — the basic metaphors of the Chopper and of life style of owners.

Chopper — a motorcycle with a high saddle for real men from company Raleigh. The design of a motorcycle, so-called «arrow wedge», came from the USA, as a result of visit there in 1967 of Alan Oakley, the future director of company Raleigh.

Bike Chopper

The design of a motorcycle played crucial importance in success of a brand. The motorcycle has been equipped by the powerful engine which published the sounds similar to flying helicopter.

Chopper bike

Bike Chopper

However, on it did not place emphasis, in connection with war in Vietnam. The first motorcycle has been made in the USA in 1969, but at the next years began to be issued in Great Britain.

Raleigh had problems with the name since in some countries, especially to Taiwan, motorcycles with high landing began to name similar names: «Rally Chopper», «Choper», «Clopper», «Cropper».

Initially, motorcycle had the name «Marauder», however subsequently the name changed for morally-ethical reasons.

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