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Suzuki designs hybrid Swift

Suzuki Swift

Swift meanwhile in a stage of conceptual working out, but c an obvious sight on possibility of an embodiment of technology on serial models of mark.

Hybrid car Suzuki Swift

Suzuki Motor plans to show on the International motor show in Tokyo one of the newest workings out — a hybrid on the basis of popular model Swift, well-known both in Japan, and in Europe.

It is remarkable, that a hybrid power-plant, on the design practically completely repeats working out General Motors realised in Chevrolet Volt. As is known, Suzuki and GM connects old partnership, therefore in this case speech can go about technology licensing though on the given question the Japanese company does not specify details.

Hybrid scheme Suzuki means use of the petrol engine as the generator of the electric power going on additional charge is ionic-litievyh accumulators.

Hybrid innovation by Suzuki

The petrol engine automatically joins as the charge of the batteries feeding the electric motor is spent. The petrol engine is basic "motive power" Suzuki Swift. Power of the electric motor makes 54 kw is the practically unique indicator promulgated concerning conceptual working out. Other characteristics will be promulgated during the official premiere.

Suzuki Motor does not open details concerning the plans for a batch production of models with a hybrid power-plant of the given scheme, however more than possibly, that on the conveyor similar cars can rise in the near future, after all the competition in a segment of hybrids continues to grow.

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