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Citroen prepares "the computer supercar"

Citroen supercar

Company Citroen plans to start in manufacture "the computer supercar" GT which has appeared for the first time in game GranTurismo 5 for platform PlayStation 3, and the full-size breadboard model of the given car has been presented subsequently on the international motor show in Geneva in 2008.

As informs British edition Autocar referring to not named high-ranking sources in a motor-car manufacturer, all it will be collected six copies of this car, the permission to which release has already been given by the director for products and marketing Citroen.

It is expected, that the serial version of supercar Citroen GT will keep many lines of a prototype, including a futuristic design and some elements of a hi-tech interior. What power-plant will be used for this car yet not informed, however according to some information, the novelty will receive the eight-cylinder 500-strong motor of company Ford or GM. More detailed information about commodity Citroen GT will appear during car presentation on September automobile show in Frankfurt.

According to Autocar, cost Citroen GT will make about 1,1 million pounds sterling (about 1,3 million euro).

It is necessary to notice, that the "computer" version a superpenalty has been equipped by type doors "a wing of a seagull", 21-inch wheel disks, active aerodynamic elements and a hybrid power-plant on fuel cells.

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Citroen prepares "the computer supercar" {release}