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In BMW test restyling version X3


In the Bavarian concern have started test tests of updated crossover BMW X3 which should appear on roads in a year.

Engineers have closed new design BMW X3 massive "camouflage", but it is possible to assume, that appearance of a crossover will not change radically. But "camouflage" cannot hide that fact, that the car became little bit less. As experts assume, in such a way in the Bavarian concern wish to "outline" distinctions between crossovers X1 and X3 which have today practically identical sizes.

It is expected, that updated BMW X3 will please buyers with a wide power ruler into which four diesel units power from 177 to 299 h.p. the Car will enter will equip also with the new 3 litre petrol engine power of 230 h.p. and 300 h.p.
Hearings that the novelty can receive hybrid installation which structure will include petrol and electric motors but while it only hearings go.

The debut of updated crossover BMW X3 will take place in the beginning of next year, and to dealers the model will arrive in the middle of 2010.

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In BMW test restyling version X3 {updated}