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KIA Soulster

KIA concept

Concept by KIA

The most "sincere" car ever created by South Korean company Kia, has decided to subdue again public. However, this time American, instead of European, and not in a body a crossover, and a pickup. Though, to traditional pickups it to carry difficult...

At Soulster intricate enough design. Here to you both the second row of seats, and similarity of a cabriolet behind and the hint on a cabriolet in front, and in addition to all to it is a demountable two-section rag roof. Yes, genre classics the Korean pickup in any way you will not name.

No less than not at once you will tell — on whom it is calculated Soulster. The manufacturer positions the car as excellent addition to beach rest. Only present, as you, with the company of friends, a stock of drinks and meal, dissect on a yellow front-wheel pickup on coast, reserving strips from wheels.

Soulster, presented to Detroit — only «conceptual working out», and destiny of the car completely depends on reaction of public. Hardly it is possible to tell, that the car received with open arms...

Concept Car KIA

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