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KIA Ray Venga


After the recent world premiere on a motor show in Chicago, concept car KIA Ray debuts in Europe.

It is a compact sedan in length of 4,4 m, created on a platform of model Forte it urged to show prospects of the hybrid car with possibility of additional charge from the electric socket.

LiPoly for KIA Ray

Thanks to modern li-ionic accumulators created with use of technology LiPoly, KIA Ray is capable to overcome on electrodraught more than 80 km without additional charge. On assurance of a motor-car manufacturer, at use of a hybrid power-plant, the car consumes only 1,398 l of fuel on 100 km, and the maximum run without refuelling and additional charge makes record 1200 km.

The concept car body is covered by sun-protection materials and the special paint limiting penetration of solar heat inside. This technology allows to lower essentially loading on a central air and, as consequence, to reduce energy consumption.

The Concept car is equipped by the 1,4-l petrol engine power of 115HP with system of direct injection of fuel (GDI). Besides, the hybrid power-plant includes the electric motor power of 106HP, located between the engine and transmission.

Concept car KIA Ray

The maximum power of hybrid installation makes 153HP that allows the car to reach the maximum speed equal 175 km/h. Depending on a movement mode, KIA Ray it is set in motion petrol or an electric motor, and at loading increase both unit work simultaneously. In a car luggage carrier there is an accumulator and cooling system.

Concept car KIA Venga EV

Concept car KIA Venga EV — the car with completely electric drive became one more novelty at stand KIA in Geneva. The sizes of the concept car, presented under brand EcoDynamic, are identical to the sizes usual KIA Venga — a class minivan «B» which already is on sale in Europe.

The car is equipped by the electromotor power of 109HP c the maximum twisting moment equal 280Nm. A motor food is carried out from a dual accumulator room of the battery. In a mode of fast gymnastics for 20 minutes the accumulator is charged on 80%.

Venga EV has a forward drive. The car electromotor is located in a forward part, there, where the internal combustion engine usually settles down, and storage batteries are placed under a trunk floor. To 100 km/h the car is dispersed for 10.8 sec, and the maximum speed makes 140 km/h.

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