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KIA Ray (prototype)

Kia Ray

On a motor show in Chicago (since February, 10th) company Kia Motors will present concept car Kia Ray.

Kia Ray by Hyundai Genesis

No other details about this car while are present. Earlier, the truth, it was informed, that in Kia Motors do not exclude possibility of a conclusion to the market compact rear-wheel sport coupe, constructed on the modernised platform of model Hyundai Genesis.

However, as in interview to magazine Autocar main designer Kia Peter Shrejer has declared, sport coupe Kia will appear in the market not earlier than in some years, and only when buyers will be ready to the similar car made in South Korea.

Concept coupe Kia Ray

"Taking into consideration proceeding improvement of financial indicators in Europe, we can be ready to the beginning of manufacture of such car as Kee, say, in five years", — chief-designer Kia has specified.

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KIA Ray (prototype) {Ray}