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Tuning studio Mcchip has presented a package for Audi TT RS

Audi TT RS

German tuning studio Mcchip has presented the program of completions for the most powerful and fast version of coupe Audi TT - RS.

The chip-tuning has allowed having increased power of a 2,5-litre five-cylinder turbo-motor with 340 to 380 h.p., twisting moment — with 350 to 450 Nm, and the maximum speed — to 300 km/h.

Some weeks the company plans to present the second tuning package to the nearest for a coupe which will strengthen power to 400, and twisting moment — to 600 Nm.

The first sport package is on sale for 899 euros. On the price of the second yet do not inform. Also, at the second complete set there are 20-inch wheel disks Cargraphic GTR with tyres Continental dimension 255/30 for 6600 euros.

Audi TT

Salon Audi RS

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