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Tuning company MFK has improved Audi RS6

Universal Audi RS6

Tuning company MFK has presented the version of new generation of sports model Audi RS6.

Universal Audi RS6

The package of completions from MFK for RS6 included installation of a new exhaust system and reprogramming of the electronic block of engine management. It has allowed to increase power of 4,2-l turbo-engine V8 by 70HP, about 450HP to 520HP.

Audi RS6 by tuning company MFK

Also the car distinguishes the updated forward bumper with air inlets, and the complete set of 20-inch carbon wheel disks with high-efficiency sports rubber Dunlop dimension 285/25 R20.

Audi RS6

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Tuning company MFK has improved Audi RS6 {universal}