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BMW M3 Thunderstorm

Cabriolet BMW M3

BMW M3 (cabriolet)

German tuning studio ATT "has pumped over" cabriolet BMW M3. Let's remind, the serial version of model is equipped with the 4-litre 8-cylinder engine power of 420HP, however this power insufficient has seemed to tuners and forced the motor.

At the expense of installation of the compressor and a new exhaust system, and also completion of block ECU masters ATT managed to "squeeze out" of the factory unit additional 80HP. Thus now power of the engine makes 500HP.


BMW cabriolet
BMW M3 cabriolet

Motor speeding up will manage to owners of cabriolet BMW M3 in 11,749 euros.

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BMW M3 Thunderstorm + tuning