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Edo Competition Ferrari 599 GTB: to gangsters it is devoted

Ferrari 599 GTB

How to make so that about yours Ferrari 599 GTB spoke unceasingly?

The best decision begins to entrust your favourite "Italian" Edo Competition. There of the car can squeeze out 650 or 750 horsepowers (in the latter case with increase in volume of the engine to 6,2 litres) and to pump over under the full program, having made thus ideal preparation for art tuning. After all they leave from masters Edo the snow-white...

And here over a choice of the artist it is necessary to think. Trade mark Ed Hardy which is engaged in manufacture of clothes with drawings in gangsta-style, has one worthy nominee. He can be entrusted Ferrari, after all the master already painted Lambo. All were delighted simply.

Edo Competition

Yes-yes, it is Christian Audigier. Already nobody doubts talent of the sidewalk artist. For Ferrari that undertook particularly... Has ornamented all! However, in salon to us to glance do not give. But outside looks not bad. Simple, but stylish silvery minidrawings on each side also are behind diluted by colourful skulls.

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Edo Competition Ferrari 599 GTB: to gangsters it is devoted {tuning}