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Volkswagen has presented updated pickup Saveiro

Volkswagen Saveiro

Company Volkswagen of the beginning of sale of the updated version of the compact pickup Saveiro intended for the markets of the South America.

This small working car collected on platform Gol, is designed by Brazilian division Volkswagen and made in the same country. Therefore it is not surprising, that at a ruler of motors for Volkswagen Saveiro there is a 1,6-litre unit power of 104HP, adapted for bioethanol use, — after all Brazil is the world leader on motor-vehicle pool volume on this fuel. The "traditional" petrol variant developing on 3HP less, also is present.

Salon Volkswagen Saveiro

Volkswagen Saveiro is issued in three complete sets — Base, Trend and Trooper, differing by level of comfort and presence of additional options. Besides, the wheel base of a pickup can be simple and extended. On the prices for a novelty yet it is not informed. To Europe Volkswagen Saveiro it will not be delivered, most likely.

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Volkswagen has presented updated pickup Saveiro {Volkswagen}