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Volkswagen has updated four commercial cars
Volkswagen Transporter

In the middle of next month on automobile show in Frankfurt the debut of updated easy commercial cars Volkswagen Transporter, Multivan, California and Caravelle will take place.

Cars have received other registration of a forward part of the body, executed in a new corporate style of mark, other rear-view mirrors which the radio receiver aerial is built in, tracking system behind "dead zones", a new steering wheel and other panel of devices.

For such cars the new ruler of the two-litre diesel engines accessible in four variants hallows will be offered: 84HP (220 Nm), 102HP (250 Nm), 140HP (340Nm) and 180HP (400Nm). Motors can work together with a mechanical transmission or with seven-high-speed "robot" DSG with two couplings. According to representatives VW, the updated commercial cars became more economic on 10%.

Salon Volkswagen Multivan

As have specified in the company, model Transporter also can be ordered with a new "double" forward passenger seat with the built in developing branch for trifles. It's expected, that in the European market the updated commercial cars will appear on sale in October of current year. On cost of cars yet it is not informed.

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Volkswagen has updated four commercial cars {Volkswagen}