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For Chineses Peugeot 308 have transformed into a sedan

Peugeot 308

At the disposal of Holland edition AutoWeek there was a first photo of car Peugeot 308 in a body "sedan". The car differs from a hatchback not only a new body, but little bit other registration of a forward part of a body, including other forward bumper with slightly changed air inlet, and also a new cowl.

Sedan Peugeot 308

According to some information, sedan Peugeot 308 will be offered with the same scale of engines, that the hatchback, and novelty manufacture starts in the beginning of next year at factory Dongfeng in China, in Argentina and in some countries of Eastern Europe. In this connection it is expected, that the car begins to be offered not only for the Chinese market, but also for Latin America and the European countries where sedans are especially popular.

Official release Peugeot 308

As specifies AutoWeek, in the spring of next year on a motor show in Geneva the premiere of updated hatchback Peugeot 308 will take place. Such car will receive the changed design of an ex-terrier with the reduced air inlet on a forward bumper, and also some elements borrowed at model 5008.

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For Chineses Peugeot 308 have transformed into a sedan {unusually}