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Company Peugeot has shown a prototype of a new big sedan

Concept car Peugeot

On Tuesday company Peugeot has extended the first photos of the conceptual car "5 by Peugeot" which will be presented general public in the beginning of next month on a motor show in Geneva. The car shows a direction of development of design of the future models of the French brand, and also gives representation how the sedan 508 can look.

Concept car «5 by Peugeot»

The dimensional length of a prototype makes 4860 mm, width — 1880 mm, the wheel base is equal to 2815 mm, and the weight of the car at completely filled fuel tank reaches 1880 kgs. The all-wheel drive concept car "5 by Peugeot" will be equipped with the hybrid power-plant combining the 165-strong diesel engine in volume two litres and the 38-strong electromotor, located on a back axis.

According to company Peugeot, the average expense of fuel of a novelty makes 3,8 litres on hundred kilometres of run, and level of emissions CO2 is equal to 99 grammes on kilometre. The Concept car on small speeds can move exclusively on electrodraught. The stock of a course of the car at present is not informed.

5 by Peugeot

Concept by Peugeot

Concept car Peugeot

It is expected, that in the European market replacement to models Peugeot 407 and 607 will appear next year.

Roadster Peugeot SR1

As it was informed earlier, on a motor show in Geneva the debut of one more concept car Peugeot — roadster SR1 will take place. The Overall objective of this car also is demonstration of how the design of cars of this mark in the future will develop. Besides, concept car SR1, somewhat, is also the ideological successor of model Peugеоt 407 with a body "coupe".

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Company Peugeot has shown a prototype of a new big sedan {test drive}