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Official photos of new Peugeot Hoggar

Peugeot Hoggar

French concern Peugeot has presented the first official photos of first pickup Hoggar — a vehicle for the car market of the South America.

Pickup Peugeot Hoggar

For the first time the new car has been announced in March of this year. Total length of the car of 4.49 metres, volume of a luggage compartment — 1151 litres, and load-carrying capacity — 740 kgs.

Peugeot Hoggar 2011

Peugeot Hoggar will be equipped with two power units: 1.4-l (80/82HP) and 1.6-l (110/113HP) with fuel system on gasoline/bioethanol (the 2nd value of HP is specified for the motor on bioethanol).

The French pickup by Peugeot will be made at the Brazilian enterprise of Port Real, and will go on sale already on May, 15th.

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Official photos of new Peugeot Hoggar {prototype}