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Second version Mercedes SLR Volcano

Mercedes SLR

Mercedes SLR, "charged" by studio Hamann, has received name Volcano. Recently tuners have presented the new version of "Volcano".

Supercar Mercedes SLR Volcano 2.0

About one year back Hamann has shown the project «Volcano». The tuner which usually works with BMW, has made the tremendous version supercar Mercedes. Two-coloured colouring of a body was one of features of the car: a white basis and black details on a cowl, a luggage carrier and sides. This year Hamann have made new Volcano, having recoloured Mercedes SLR in yellow colour (and is also red). Actually from a technical aspect all remains still. So a unique difference is colour of a body.

Mercedes-Benz SLR Volcano in London

Mercedes-Benz SLR

Nevertheless, the supercar impresses productivity. 700HP and 830Nm of the twisting moment. SLR Volcano about 100 km/h for 3,6 sec are accelerated. It for 0,1 second faster the newest Lexus LF-A which have been presented one of these days to Tokyo.

Supercar Mercedes

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Second version Mercedes SLR Volcano {Volcano}