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Brabus has presented crossover GL 63 Biturbo

Brabus GL 63 Biturbo

The German tuning studio Brabus, preferring to be engaged in operational development of lineup Mercedes-Benz, on the last motor show in Arab Emirates has presented last working out on the basis of crossover Mercedes-Benz GL 63 AMG.

Crossover Brabus GL 63 Biturbo

The crossover which has received name Brabus GL 63 Biturbo, obviously is necessary to liking not only the Arabian sheikhs, differing special passion to all magnificent and quickly moving, but also the motorists simply well provided in the financial plan, ready to pay for a novelty €368,000.

The all-wheel drive model is completed with modernised engine V8 which develops 650HP and provides to the car dispersal to 100 km/h for 4,7 seconds the Maximum speed of the car — 300 km/h. The engine with the twisting moment of 850Nm works together with advanced 7-step transmission SPEEDSHIFT 7G-TRONIC.

Interior Brabus

Interior Brabus Biturbo

Interior Brabus GL 63 Biturbo

Outwardly Brabus GL 63 Biturbo from the donor differs not only more powerful power unit, but also an excellent aerodynamic weather-cloth. The crossover is equipped by new "aprons", thresholds with light-emitting diode illumination and a back spoiler.

In the car salon, which studio suggests to issue under the individual order of the client, it is possible to place the new speedometer marked to 320 km/h, multimedia system with the 7-inch LCD-monitor, folding little tables.

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Brabus has presented crossover GL 63 Biturbo {turbo}