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BMW Hybrid

BMW 5-Series

Concern BMW has deeply plunged in muddy already enough while waters of hybrid technologies, however to stop on reached the company, most likely, does not gather. At least, such conclusion can be made if to familiarise with the new patent application submitted a German motor-car manufacturer.

Hybrid Version of BMW

Unlike other offers, in this or that kind present in the market or just preparing for introduction, BMW intends to use in a hybrid power-plant at once two petrol motors together with the electric.

Curious feature of the presented demand also is also that both engines working on mineral fuel are two-cylinder — most likely, by working out of the given concept designers leant against wide experience BMW in business of manufacture of such units for two-wheeled vehicles.

The Patent For the Hybrid Engine

The most probable place of placing of the electric motor is transmission, and traditional motors, most likely, will be mounted in uniform assemblage. About plans on a batch production of the perspective design the manufacturer has not given any data, however the fact of application testifies that this possibility is perspective enough.

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