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The European car industry was sharply accelerated

European car industry

According to tentative estimation JD Power Automotive, in December in Europe 1,120,091 car has been made. For comparison: in December, 2008 manufacture was reduced about 1,305,649 units (December, 2007) to 837,819 units, decrease has made 35,8%.

The European governmental stimulation

The gain is in many respects caused by action of programs of stimulation of sales financed by the European governments that has led to increase of demand in the basic markets of Europe. Besides, a little panic reduction of drains undertaken by leading motor-car manufacturers, «by inertia» has led to reduction of the commodity stocks, which companies have started to fill up now to the necessary level.

Autoconcern Renault and Romanian affiliated company Dacia became the champion in December. Good results also have shown Peugeot, Citroen and Lamborghini. According to JD Power, these motor-car manufacturers have increased manufacture in percentage by three-value figures.

The huge gain has given Dacia updated Logan, and also an exit on the market of model Sandero. As a result the ex-Romanian brand in December has increased manufacture of inexpensive cars by 487% — to 26,851 units. And here Opel, Chevrolet, Saab and Honda last month 2009 have received release falling for 19 or more percent.

Volkswagen — the European automobile leader

For 12 months the manufacture total amount has decreased for 17,7% and has made 15,251,224 units. These data include factories in Western and the Eastern Europe, and also in Russia and to Turkey. Last year in comparison with 2008 considerably increase manufacture could Renault, Dacia, Jaguar and Land Rover. Thus release of the British off-road cars has grown at once for 20,6% — to 107,910 units. Concern Volkswagen became the unconditional leader of annual manufacture — in the sum in 2009 3,346,223 cars have been made.

A number of brands have become successful on separate models. For example, at Mercedes release E-class and fantastic jump — almost three times has grown, has shown crossover GLK.

In total for a year in Europe 15,251,254 cars, that on 17,7% more low, than year before (18,520,697 units) have been made. However December acceleration can be the proof of that the worst times for the European motor-car manufacturers already behind.

The European car industry was sharply accelerated {trend}