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Merge Volkswagen and Porsche will change all car industry of Germany

Volkswagen and Porsche

The planned merge of motorcar giant Volkswagen (VW) and the manufacturer of sports cars Porsche will reverse a car industry picture to Germany, and also an alignment of forces on a world car market where VW while concedes to Japanese company Toyota and American concern General Motors, influential economic newspaper Financial Times Deutschland (FTD) writes on Wednesday.

Concern Volkswagen plans to sign on August, 13th with the manufacturer of expensive sports cars, German Porsche, the agreement on purchase of a share holding of the company at a rate of 49,9 % of the authorised capital approximately for 4 billion euro. Such decision to a management of both companies should be accepted owing to heavy financial position Porsche because of financial crisis. According to German mass-media company debts make about 14 billion euro.

"The concern with headquarters in Wolfsburg (Volkswagen) will want to become the first as soon as will finish joining Porsche", — is spoken in article. The newspaper quotes opinion of the head of Institute of the motor industry considering, that such chance at incorporated concern Volkswagen-Porsche is.

"However it will be hard to beat Toyota Motor. The weakest the link here for VW is the North America where the Japanese company sells much more cars. On the other hand, at VW there is also a big advantage are much stronger, than at Toyota, positions in China", — quotes FTD the German expert.

As the newspaper notices, though on pure to sale quantity indicators (99 thousand cars last financial year) Porsche looks the gnome in comparison with other marks Volkswagen (the total amount of sales in 2008 has made 3,6 million cars), creation of the integrated concern making all chain of automodels from Golf to sports cars and lorries becomes treasured dream of patriarch Volkswagen of Ferdinand Pieha — the grandson of the trailblazer of a German car industry Ferdinand Porshe. After all VW already and so luxury models of type Bentley and Lamboghini belong.

All other autocompanies of Germany, have less wide spectrum of made models and a smaller sales volume: concern BMW together with marks Mini and Rolls-Royce has sold in 2008 1,4 million cars, company Daimler could sell last year 1,3 billion units Mercedes-Benz, Smart and Maybach, and Opel with mark Vauxhall hardly has increased volume of the sales to 1,5 million cars.

From the point of view of the known autoexpert of professor Ferdinand Dudenheffera from university Duisburg-Essen, Volkswagen after merge with Porsche will take predominating positions in a segment of cars of a class lux which requirement annually makes 550 thousand cars. But it, according to the expert, can cause legal questions.

"If to count the general sale of group Volkswagen-Porsche in 2007 their share in the luxury market has made 37,9%, and in 2008 — 34,1%, and if to add here model Porsche-Panamera which will go on sale since September of this year this share can increase from an average index in 36% to 40%. It unequivocally means dominating positions in a luxury segment in which Volkswagen without Porsche on the average has 20%", — the newspaper quotes the express analysis of the German professor.

Meanwhile autoexpert Villi Dits considers, that competitive pressure is especially high on Daimler and BMW. "Company Audi in a segment of models of class Premium has already reached their level and has benefited by technological designs of concern Volkswagen. To concerns Daimler and BMW principle business on it to react", — the autoexpert considers.

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Merge Volkswagen and Porsche will change all car industry of Germany {Volkswagen}