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Studio Sportec "has charged" Audi S4 Avant

Universal Audi S4

Tuning studio Sportec "has charged" universal Audi S4 Avant. At the expense of completion of the block of engine management and installation of new filters, power standard 3-litre V6 has increased about 333 to 425HP And if the maximum twisting moment at Audi S4 Avant makes 440Nm at tuning version RS425 of 520Nm.

Audi S4 Avant

Time of dispersal of 0-100 km/h for now 5,2 seconds, instead of former 5,6 seconds the Maximum speed of the "pumped over" versatile person is limited by electronics on a mark in 250 km/h. Besides other, the car is completed by an exhaust system with 4 branch pipes, an adjustable suspension bracket and 20-inch wheel disks from easy alloys.

Audi S4 Quattro

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Studio Sportec "has charged" Audi S4 Avant + universal