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Studio MFK Autosports has improved Audi R8

Sportcar Audi R8

German tuning studio MFK Autosports has developed a package for sportcar Audi R8 with the eight-cylinder engine.

Sportcar Audi R8

Having reprogrammed the electronic block of management, power of the 4,2-l motor have increased with 420 to 450HP. "Reinsertion" will manage to the customer in 1995 euros. And installation of new final system — 5,700 euros.

The car have completed with 19-inch wheel disks with tyre covers dimension 245/35 on a forward axis and 315/30 on back for 7,699 euros. For an additional payment tuners suggest to put special accessories on the car and to modify a technical stuffing.

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Studio MFK Autosports has improved Audi R8 {tuning}