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Renault has officially revived brand Gordini

Renault Twingo

Company Renault has presented the sketch of model Twingo to complete sets Gordini.


New Renault Twingo RS Gordini

Display ready Renault Twingo RS Gordini will take place on November, 25th in Paris. After some weeks on the market also will arrive Renault Clio RS Gordini. As writes the edition, models are named in honour of the founder of sports division Renault Amedi Gordini.

In the sixties last century, cars Gordini repeatedly won race rally, including tournaments in cup Gordini. Serial cars Gordini in the last century differed firm dark blue colour of a body with two white strips.

Renault RS — Clio, Megane, Twingo

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Renault has officially revived brand Gordini + updated