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Gemballa has presented new Porsche Cayenne

Porsche Cayenne

Tuning company Gemballa has presented the new version of off-road car Porsche Cayenne.

GT 750 Aero 3 Sport Exclusive

The tuning package under name GT 750 Aero 3 Sport Exclusive included complex operational development of technical characteristics and design.

The Pearl-white car equip with a 750-strong turbo-engine, the twisting moment — 1050Nm. Dispersal to 100 km/h of all for 4,4 seconds, and the maximum speed reaches 300 km/h.
The off-road car has received an aerodynamic bumper and a sports exhaust system. In a pneumatic suspension bracket have built in the electronic module, allowing to reduce a road gleam.

Also Porsche Cayenne have equipped with wheel disks Gemballa Racing and have finished brake system. And in red salon there were individual armchairs behind, the multimedia centre and set of carbon applications.

Off-road Gemballa

Porsche Gemballa

Off-road car Porsche

Off-road Porsche Gemballa

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Gemballa has presented new Porsche Cayenne {turbo}