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Porsche has officially presented Boxter Spyder

Boxster Spyder

The German motor-car manufacturer of sports cars, has presented on the Californian salon, high-grade presentation of the novelty.

Sportcar Porsche Boxster Spyder

Novelty Boxster Spyder differs from sport car Porsche Boxster S not only other design of a body, but also lower weight. The car weighs on 80 kg easier, than Porsche Boxster S, thanks to installation of aluminium doors and covers of a luggage carrier, easier seats and a roof, to refusal of the conditioner and an audiosystem which can be ordered at additional expense.

Porsche Boxster Spyder

Sportcar Boxster S

On sport car Porsche Boxster Spyder the 6-cylinder engine in volume of 3,4 litres with system of direct injection of fuel is completed. Power of the engine working with transmission PDK, makes 320HP, that on 10 units more than is under cowl Boxster S.

The model with the recustomized suspension bracket is dispersed to 100 km/h later 4,8 sec after start and is capable to continue acceleration up to 267 km/h. The average expense of fuel of a roadster in the mixed cycle does not exceed 9,3L. As informs Leftlanenews, the car will go on sale in February of next year at the price of $61,200.

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Porsche has officially presented Boxter Spyder {tuning}