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Germans have made electric Porsche Cayenne

Porsche Cayenne

German tuning company RUF has extended the official information on the new working out — completely the electric version of off-road car Porsche Cayenne — eRUF Stormster. Such three cars are used for transportation of visitors of the international summit devoted to change of a climate (Copenhagen). On it informs German edition Auto Motor und Sport.

Green Porsche Cayenne

Electric Porsche Cayenne it is equipped by the 362-strong electromotor developed by company Siemens. The off-road car engine receives energy from the complete set li-ionic of batteries Li-Tec which are capable to provide to the car movement throughout 200 kilometres and can be recharged from the usual house socket or on specialised electrorefuellings.

According to studio RUF, with 0 to 100 km/h electric Cayenne it is capable to be dispersed for 10 seconds, and the maximum speed for achievement of an optimum stock of a course is limited on a mark of 150 km/h.

Electric Porsche Cayenne

It is expected, that in Germany novelty sales will begin next year. Cost Stormster yet is not informed.

Earlier company RUF also has presented version Porsche 911 equipped with the 204-strong electromotor and 96 li-ionic by accumulators which one charge sufficed on 250-300 kilometres of a way. According to Auto Motor und Sport, such car will appear at dealers also in 2010.

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Germans have made electric Porsche Cayenne {tuning}