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Volvo V70 Hybrid

Volvo V70

Company Volvo in 2012 prepares release of the first serial hybrid. As informs British magazine CAR, it will be the successor of model Volvo V70 which will receive a diesel engine-electric a power-plant with possibility of additional charge of batteries from the household electric system.

Ecological hybrid Volvo

According to the British journalists, hybrid power-plant Volvo will be in many respects similar to the scheme chosen by group PSA Peugeot Citroen — the diesel motor in front and the electric motor behind. The Swedish company plans to use a 2,4-litre diesel engine power of 205HP and 50-kw the electromotor: thanks to such scheme, hybrid Volvo will turn out all-wheel drive.

On preliminary data, without refuelling the serial model can pass 1100-1200 kilometres, and level of emissions СО2 in atmosphere at this car will not exceed 50 g/km.

Formation of Demand For Hybrid Cars

It is supposed, that hybrid Volvo the Swedish government will give to buyers tax privileges approximately for 7,000 euros, therefore the serial car about a diesel engine-electric installation the similar car with the traditional motor will cost on 9-10,000 euro more expensively, than. However the exact prices for a novelty are not known yet — as representatives of the Swedish company speak, all will depend on the cost price lithium-ionic of batteries at the moment of a hybrid exit on the car market.

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