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Chinese Volvo Cars

Sedan Volvo

Chinese automobile holding Zhejiang Geely Holdings which more recently became the owner of Swedish company Volvo, plans to make by 2011 to 300,000 cars of the Swedish mark a year.

Arrogant Chinese plans

Such results it is planned to achieve within the limits of the plan of improvement of an unprofitable brand. We will notice, that on sale Volvo the branch department of Chinese holding Geely Automobile and concern Ford plan to finish definitive end of the transaction in May of current year.

About Zhejiang Geely Holdings

Under not confirmed information, 51% of actives Volvo it will be sold for 1,5-2 billion dollars. We will remind, that in 2009 corporation Geely has made 321,000 cars, that on 45% more than year before. Thus, purchase Volvo will allow Geely more than twice to increase the capacity. In plans Geely by 2015 to sell to 2 million cars a year.

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Chinese Volvo Cars {Zhejiang Geely Holdings}