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Volvo C70 (cabriolet)

Cabriolet Volvo C70

Volvo C70 2011 modelling years will receive a new forward part in style XC60 and S60 and new back lanterns. More pleasant news will be that car complete sets have improved.

New Cabriolet Volvo C70

Among new standard options: the 5-step automatic machine, satellite radio Sirius and furnish of salon by a skin. Among other innovations wider tool panel which is feature C70 in comparison with other models Volvo. It will be completed new Volvo C70 with 2011 2,5-l engine power of 227HP.

Potential competitor BMW

New Volvo C70 2011 will cost from $39,950US. The American prices will be approximately on 30% above. Thus, at the price of Volvo C70 it will be equated, for example, to BMW Z4.

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Volvo C70 (cabriolet) {Volvo}