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Gemballa has equipped Porsche Panamera with new wheels

Porsche Panamera

German tuning company Gemballa has developed additional complete sets of wheel disks for car Porsche Panamera Mistrale constructed on the basis of a four-seater sedan.

Two kinds of wheels for Panamera

Tuners have presented two kinds of wheels: 22-inch disks GT Sport with tyre covers dimension 265/30/22 in front and 315/25/22 behind, and also 22-inch disks GT Sport — Rs with rivets on external perimetre of the car, the sizes of 22 and 20 inches.

On a forthcoming motor show in Essen of studio Gemballa, possibly, will present also other completions for Panamera Mistrale.

Porsche Panamera Mistrale 2010

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