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Peugeot 508 [universal & sedan]

Universal Peugeot 508

Peugeot 508 (universal)

Peugeot company extended the detailed information on family 508 which replaces with itself at once two models — 407 and 607. The world premiere of a novelty takes place in the beginning of October on autoshow in Paris, but sales in the European car market begin from next year. About it it's told in the official press release.

The overall length of Peugeot 508 with a body "sedan" makes 4,79 metres, "universal" — 4,81 metres that on 10,1 and 4,8 centimetres accordingly more than at model 407 with the same body types. The wheelbase thus increased by 9,2 centimetres.

Peugeot 508 (sedan)

Peugeot 508
Interior Peugeot

Despite the increased sizes, weight of a new sedan in comparison with Peugeot 407 (in versions with identical engines) decreased on 35 kgs, and universal became easier on 45 kgs. Besides, model 508 has, according to representatives of the company, one of the best for a sedan the class of aerodynamic resistance — 0,25, and at version SW — 0,26.

C 2012 the novelty also can be equipped with the hybrid power-plant combining a 163-strong 2-litre diesel engine and the electromotor which if necessary provides with pull-rod rear wheels of the car. When Peugeot 508 deliveries in the USA begin, yet is not informed.

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Peugeot 508 [universal & sedan] + updated